As the parent company of Tellus Brands, our mission is to provide quality products to both consumers and supply chain partners while encouraging the industry to offer the finest customer experience. Above all, we are passionate about the benefits of hemp and are doing our part to bring professionalism, ethics, and organization to this booming industry.


The founders of Tellus come from a long background in renewable energy, finance, and cannabis industries, creating a close relationship with thousands of retailers, distribution hubs, and hemp cultivators and processors.


From happy customers to profitable returns, incredible products, and unparalleled sales strategies, we are committed to succeeding in multiple dimensions in the unique and developing cannabis and hemp industry.


Welcome to Tellus Core, your premier choice for hemp investment, discovery, and growth. Reach out to our dedicated team of professionals today with your questions, comments, and concerns.

We are a holdings corporation with robust operational prowess and dynamic partners. Capital, operational support, sales and distribution oversight, and a vast business network are all part of how we support our companies and partners and ensure success.

Tellus Core Hemp Investment and Holdings